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Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt — was a scientific explorer and natural philosopher, who achieved fame following his return from South America in Already during his lifetime, biographies celebrating Humboldt began to appear Rupkeand upon his death inHumboldt was commemorated across the world—from Alexandria to New York City, from Paris and Moscow to Adelaide and Melbourne Wulf An ocean current was named after him, as were numerous national parks, regions, and a penguin species.

The younger brother of the linguist, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Alexander was personally acquainted with some of humboldt singles groups leading thinkers of his time, including Goethe, Schiller, and Schelling. Humboldt influenced a generation of researchers after him, including Charles Darwin Richardsas well as artists, writers, philosophers, and activists Bunkse ; Sachs ; Walls For this reason, Humboldt criticized humboldt singles groups fragmentation of knowledge, humboldt singles groups argued that the history of humboldt singles groups cannot be divorced from the history of art.

Furthermore, and in contrast to humboldt singles groups increasingly strong foothold of the ideal humboldt singles groups objectivity in science, Humboldt highlighted both the situatedness and responsibility of the knowing subject. To conceive of them as distinct entities, he argued, was not only false, but humboldt singles groups dangerous.

In his humboldt singles groups in South America, Humboldt witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences of colonial practices on both land and people, and concluded that the destruction of nature will lead to the destruction of culture, and in particular Indigenous cultures.

His brother, Wilhelm, was born two years earlier, and both children were raised at the Tegel Castle, in the east of Berlin. Like Forster, Humboldt sought to detail both the environmental and the cultural landscapes, and describe their mutual influence.

Following successful completion, he assumed a post in the Prussian Department of Mines. Humboldt began to visit Jena and Weimar in the mind s, after his brother Wilhelm assumed a position at the University of Jena. Though he had met Schiller some two years earlier init was at this time that he met Goethe and Herder and over the years became acquainted with Friedrich Schlegel and Schelling as well. While Humboldt mentions Kant, Schelling, Herder, and Schiller in his writings, it was Goethe to whom he felt the greatest affinity, both in terms humboldt singles groups personality and interests.

The dedication appears humboldt singles groups a frontispiece based on a sculpture by the Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen.

It depicts Orpheus holding a lyre while unveiling the statue of the Egyptian goddess, Isis: the goddess of fertility, symbolizing nature. Humboldt singles groups implication is clear: through his creative imagination Goethe, the poet-scientist, was able to reveal nature.

In Schiller invited Humboldt to submit to his journal, Die Horen. Though Humboldt went on to recant the idea of a humboldt singles groups force byas he claims [DA 5: ; VN: ]he republishes the essay some thirty years later in the second edition of Ansichten der Natur —an indication of his admiration for Humboldt singles groups and his desire to celebrate their connection DA 5: xi. In that same year, he moved to Paris, with the aim of securing travel to one of the French colonies.

There they were granted permission from the Spanish Crown to visit South America. On 5 Junethey set sail on the Pizarrostopping in Tenerife on the way, and arriving some six weeks later in Cumana, in present-day Venezuela. Humboldt took with him a significant number of expensive instruments—many of which were difficult to transport—for measuring altitude, latitude, air pressure, the blueness of the sky, atmospheric composition, and magnetism.

Over the next five years, Humboldt and Bonpland explored the northern and western parts of South America, canoed down the Humboldt singles groups River, trekked in the Andes, visited scientific luminaries in Quito, Bogota, and Havana, and travelled through Mexico and Cuba.

During their time in Cuba from Humboldt singles groups to MarchHumboldt observed the situation of the slave laborers in the plantations. From there they sailed to Columbia, and then to Ecuador. Though they did not reach its summit, they achieved a record that was not surpassed until A key topic of discussion was the American economic dependence on slavery, which Humboldt challenged on moral grounds. Upon returning to Europe, Humboldt spent a short time in Berlin, but quickly decided to move to Paris, which he made his home from the end of until It was in Paris that he compiled and published his works on the Americas, which were mainly in French.

Ansichten der Natur, a collection of essays, originally contained only three essays but in its final iteration included eight essays. In each new edition, Humboldt also added annotations, humboldt singles groups in humboldt singles groups instances became longer than the original text. InHumboldt published Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne [ Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain ] 2 vols,in which he criticizes the Spanish colonial administration for its mismanagement of the natural world, points to the variety of injustices faced by the Indigenous peoples of Mexico Nouvelle-Espagne 2: —9; KNS 1:and argues that the destruction of nature will humboldt singles groups result in the destruction of culture.

As in the Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne, so also in this text, Humboldt criticizes claims concerning the inferiority of Indigenous American cultures. To remedy evil, to avoid public danger, to console the misfortunes of a race who suffer, and who are feared more than is acknowledged, the wound must be probed. Humboldt moved to Berlin in at the behest of the Prussian King. It was at the University of Berlin that Humboldt delivered his famous Kosmos lectures seventy-seven in totalbetween 3 Novemberand 27 April Although Humboldt planned to publish the lectures soon after delivering them, it took another two decades before he began publishing his five-volume Kosmos: eine physische Wetlbeschreibung [ Cosmos: A Physical Description of the World ] — The final volume was published posthumously.

In Berlin, Humboldt assumed the role of court advisor, and often travelled on diplomatic missions. Humboldt helped to absolve her of the sentence. Furthermore, Humboldt used his humboldt singles groups to help American slaves. The trip, which began in St. On the way back, the party passed through the Caspian Sea. In total, Humboldt and his travel companions covered some 9, miles.

As with his trip humboldt singles groups South America, so here, Humboldt took with him the most advanced instruments for measurement. He surveyed the geography, climate, and geomagnetic features of the regions through which humboldt singles groups travelled. Later editions of his writings—in particular Ansichten der Natur —reflect observations and measurements made during this time, and include comparisons between these regions and the ones he had observed humboldt singles groups Europe and South America.

Humboldt lived a long life, during which he published amply. Humboldt singles groups his writings, Humboldt brings together scientific, historical, philosophical, and aesthetic perspectives, while also drawing on personal experience.

His aims were to convey nature and culture as interconnected, articulate a vision of nature as an interrelated unity, and enable his readers to imaginatively experience the natural world that he had witnessed. To realize these aims, Humboldt used a number of means—careful measurements, detailed observations, and artistic approaches—all of which are intended to support one another. Whether Humboldt successfully realized his aims remains, however, a humboldt singles groups of dispute.

As an early reviewer put it:. Examples and comparisons… by their number and variety, impair the unity … of the descriptions, and present collateral objects without a sufficient subordination of the principle. Edinburgh Review This ambiguity, as Sylvie Romanowski writes. Humboldt singles groups Humboldt often played a role in seeking out competent translators, and at times may have aided with the translations.

Many of his translators were women: Helen Maria Williams translated Relation historique soon humboldt singles groups it was published, while Thomasina Ross translated it some fifty years later. Elizabeth Sabine translated Ansichten der Natur inand with her husband, Edward, she translated Kosmos between and Elise C.

As Alison Martin notes, the differences are not only in size, but also in language, and in the way in which the scientist is portrayed Martin Ross, for instance, eliminates sections in which Humboldt acknowledges a debt to his predecessors—thereby furnishing an humboldt singles groups of Humboldt as a lone genius-scientist.

Humboldt was deeply humboldt singles groups with the first English translation of Kosmosby Augustin Prichard. Humboldt practically begged Edward and Elizabeth Sabine to undertake a second translation, writing to Edward that. I have striven to demonstrate that Weltbeschreibung is not Weltgeschichtethat the history of the revolutions which our planet has undergone, as exemplified by the Milky Way, should not be humboldt singles groups with the description of the earth and of humboldt singles groups celestial humboldt singles groups. Thrasher, an American who lived in Cuba for many years, was of the view—along with President Polk—that Cuba should be part of the United States.

He was also pro-slavery. In humboldt singles groups open letter to a Berlin newspaper published in JulyHumboldt complained that while the Spanish and British translations of his work did not censor him, the American translation did.

He adds that the censored portions of the work are the ones to which he attaches greatest significance. As Laura Dassow Walls observes, Humboldt was aware that Americans would read his letter, and took the opportunity to summarize his main arguments in it Walls A year later, in the introduction to Ideen zu einer Geographie der Pflanzen, Humboldt humboldt singles groups. DA 1: While the idealist position remains one-sidedly abstract and empirically deficient, the empiricist position, he maintains, fails to deliver any insight, or discern necessity Kosmos 1: 13; CO 1: Humboldt singles groups 1: 22; CO 1: In fact, in E.

This means resisting the move to abstraction, and locating necessity—meaning, order—in the phenomenon itself. To achieve these ends, Humboldt singles groups developed the notion of metamorphosis—which aims to describe the transforming forms of living beings, and discern how these forms are meaningfully rather than contingently humboldt singles groups randomly humboldt singles groups to one another.

These two difficulties map onto the ancient problem of the one and the humboldt singles groups discerning unity, relation, connection, in diversity. It is a problem that many had tried to humboldt singles groups. But, according to Humboldt, it was Goethe and his notion of metamorphosis that offered a solution.

For Goethe, the study of metamorphosis involves discerning how the parts that make up a living being e.

This allows the observer to discern unity continuity, relation in and through the transforming forms. While for Goethe metamorphosis primarily though not exclusively describes the relations between the various parts of a living being e. The emphasis is on visibility and expressiveness, with the goal of discerning reappearing forms across regions and in different contexts. By studying the Urformen of plants, and discerning how they reappear across regions, Humboldt elaborates, we begin to develop a physiognomy of nature—that is, an understanding of the environments, in which the plants grow.

In this way, we begin to grasp where and when plants appear, how they influence their contexts and how their context influences them. This, Humboldt contends, is the goal of the student of nature—and forms the foundations of the geography of plants and bio-geography more generally.

But it also underpins his philosophy of culture, widely construed. Haeckel Volume 2, translation by author. Humboldt and Bonpland arrived in Lake Valencia in March In contrast to their expectations, they encountered a region suffering from drought. Through conversations with Indigenous locals, Creole farmers and his own investigations, Humboldt came to a surprising conclusion: the felling of trees, and the replacement of forests by farms, had fundamentally transformed the climate and soil.

What was once a verdant region, with regular rain, had become a desert. The trees, Humboldt realized, were crucial to maintaining the integrity of the soil and bringing the rain. While a number of thinkers before Humboldt—including Buffon, Kant and Herder—had acknowledged the influence of the environment on living beings, none had realized that the influence was mutual. Living beings transform their environment just as they are transformed by it.

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